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Story behind our Dragon/Phoenix Chinese Wrestling Suit

Story behind our Dragon/Phoenix Chinese Wrestling Suit

Chinese wrestling in actual combat athletes have to wear cloth open chest, half sleeve short jacket, called wrestling clothing. Also called stays. Waist center belt is also called belt. Chinese wrestling is the way to play by wrestling. In actual combat with a favorable position in order to organize the attack, thus defeating each other. So wrestling clothing has a very important role.

As a Chinese wrestling top professional event, athletes wearing wrestling clothes compared with ordinary wrestling, work more sophisticated, the appearance is more compelling. It is understood that the wrestling hero list of the week of the wrestling clothes and shoes all by the Zhongshan City in the clothing Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. "Jetway JURIDCL" sponsorship, many Chinese wrestling industry and clothing design industry elite to discuss the design, after several changes Finally completed the custom of the wrestling hero list.

There are obvious differences in the appearance of men and women athletes, men's wrestling on the pattern of "Dragon", women were "Fung Mo." Which contains the elements of Chinese elements to promote the traditional Chinese culture, by the State Sports General Administration, the Chinese Wrestling Development Committee spoke highly of even foreign friends are also very fond of.

In addition to the men and women athletes each set of custom wrestling, each game will be displayed by the model before the "Golden Swift clothes" is definitely the most attention of the focus. Wrestling altar heroes set up five men, two levels of women, men at all levels of champion will also be no difference level competition, compete for the title of the king of the season title. And the final king of the king will get this symbol of the highest honor of the "golden wrestling"!

Wrestling altar of the opening ceremony of the press conference, the State Sports General Administration of Weightlifting wrestling judo movement management center Olympic security and social activities minister, the Chinese wrestling association Chinese wrestling development committee secretary-general Pang happy with the new chairman of the Board of Directors Qin Jinbao Together with the opening of the wrestling altar hero list of gold clothes.

The horizon has been supported and endorsed since the start of the tournament. So far, the first four rounds of the 12 games have been successfully held. In addition to thank the athletes for their hard work and the active participation of the audience, but also thanks to the sponsors of the strong support of the game. Zhongshan City, Chiang Kai-shek Clothing Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. "Jetway JURIDCL" for the wrestling altar of the custom-made wrestling clothes show tribal temperament, athletes can also get a good play after the play. Is the so-called details of the success or failure, the wartime heroes will be in the game after the more efforts to strive for everyone to offer more exciting sports feast!



+64 212037352
Level 2, No.65-73,Chengnan Two Road, South District, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province