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Chinese enterprises for the first time donated sports equipments to the Mongolian

Chinese enterprises for the first time donated sports equipments to the Mongolian

Ulan Bator, March 24 (Xinhua Yang Tao) to strengthen the cultural exchanges between China and Mongolia, deepen the "one side along the way" along the country's civil trust, Shengshi in the body to the Mongolian sports industry partner status, to Mongolia Country for the first time donated table tennis table, basketball, sportswear and other sports professional materials. The donation ceremony was held today at the Mongolian National Sports Palace, Chinese Ambassador to Mongolia Xing Haiming, Mongolian Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Technology Sports Minister Pat Suli, Chairman of the Board of Directors Hou Dawei, who attended the ceremony.

Minister Bart Suli thanked the Chinese embassy for its support for the exchange and cooperation in the field of humanities in China and Mongolia, and thanked the company for its generous assistance to Mongolia. He said that Mongolia is a comprehensive strategic partnership. At present, bilateral exchanges and cooperation in various fields have been expanding, and exchanges and cooperation in the field of humanities have been deepened. The Chinese enterprises to provide supplies to the Mongolian good quality, the number of foot, to solve the Mongolian athletes training equipment shortage of "urgent", Mongolia expressed deep gratitude to this and is willing to continue with the Chinese embassy and the Chinese authorities, enterprises to maintain Good relations of cooperation, to promote the exchange of relevant areas of the two sides continue to achieve new development.

Ambassador Xing Haiming said that China and Mongolia are friendly neighbors connected by mountains and rivers. In recent years, the two sides have accelerated the progress of the "Silk Road" initiative and the "grassland road" development strategy docking process, pragmatic cooperation in various fields has been deepening, the level of humanistic communication has been improved, which has become a major bright spot in the relationship between Mongolia and China The Sports can unite people's minds, improve people's health, promote economic and social development, but also the people of China and Mongolia to deepen mutual understanding and deepen the important link of friendship. We hope that this opportunity will further deepen the exchanges and cooperation in the field of sports between the two countries and promote the cultural exchange between the two countries to a new level.

Chairman of the Board of Directors thanked the Chinese Embassy and the Mongolian Education, Culture, Sports, Sports, Sports and Sports Department for their support for the donation ceremony. He said that Shengshi Zhongsheng Company responded to the call of "One Way" and "Chinese Enterprises Going Out" During the visit, we reached a number of cooperation agreements with the Mongolian National Sports Bureau, and supported the development of Mongolian sports undertakings through the cooperation of stadium renovation, event operation, teacher training and equipment assistance to help Mongolian athletes to cultivate good athletes. Cooperation and the level of humanities to contribute their own strength.


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Level 2, No.65-73,Chengnan Two Road, South District, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province